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Aug 12, 2015 at 03:47 PM



Hi All,

I have extended the MDGM data model (version 7) by a new entity type (Reuse Option) but the BADI is not getting triggered (BAdI: Extension of the API with Customer-Specific Segments - MDG_BS_MAT_API_SEGMENTS_EXT).

I followed the guide in order to try to achieve this.

The data is stored in the staging table....but then never gets moved to my new database table when it is deleted from the staging table at approval. As a breakpoint will not work in the check and save method because it's a WF-BATCH job...I put a breakpoint in the read method and it never stopped so I'm assuming the whole BADI is not getting called.

I'm thinking that maybe my filter is wrong!?

What does MAT_API_SEGMENT_EXT_FILTER refer to?

Or is there any other reason the BADI would not be getting called?

Appreciate any help on this.