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Aug 12, 2015 at 03:57 PM

Report Viewer Control failing to render on initial load.



I have created a wrapper of your Report Viewer Control and am running into an issue when adding the control on the pages initial load. I've pasted the settings of the control below. I've used the community network to resolve a couple issues i had with the bobj file, but at this point am at a loss as to why the control can be added on postback, but not on the first load of the page.

The only error i've received is the following. This error leads to crv.js not able to find some __CRYSTALSTATE object, but that is code I do not control. Also this error is raised when adding the controller on postback and the report renders. So very confused and looking for any help on different things to try or look for as I've spent a couple weeks on this with little progress.

Runtime error

Code of controller (happens in page load)

      ReportSource = _reportDocument;
        EnableViewState = false;
        ReportSource = _reportDocument;

        BestFitPage = true;
        Enabled = true;
        AutoDataBind = true;
        Font.Names = new[] { "Verdana" };
        Font.Size = new FontUnit("8pt");
        ToolPanelView = ToolPanelViewType.None;

        HasGotoPageButton = false;
        HasCrystalLogo = false;
        HasDrillUpButton = false;
        HasDrilldownTabs = false;
        HasExportButton = false;
        HasPrintButton = false;
        HasPageNavigationButtons = false;
        HasRefreshButton = false;
        HasSearchButton = false;
        HasToggleGroupTreeButton = false;
        HasZoomFactorList = false;