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Aug 12, 2015 at 02:04 PM

How to find Senders in the KEU Assessment Cycles


Hello experts,

I am mapping out the settlement of costs in an attempt to reconcile FI to COPA and identify where we may have extra costs coming in. We use Distribution Cycles to allocate costs to Cost Centre Collectors and then Assessment Cycles and the PA Transfer Structure to settle all costs into their P&L position with the correct characteristics.

I have mapped out the distribution cycles using KSV6 and this has worked fine. Seeing where the costs come into COPA (Cost Centre and Cost Element) and which Cost Centre Collector they are sent to. This I can then trace back to FI.

I want to do the same with KEU6, showing where the costs are sent from and where they are received. Unfortunately I cant see the sender details and as such cant see exactly which Cost Element and Cost Centre the Costs are coming from. I tried to reverse engineer the cycles, but some of our segments have a large number of receivers making this virtually impossible.

KE24 only shows the receiver information also, so I really would like to know where in SAP I can find these details

Your help in this would really help me out.