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Aug 12, 2015 at 09:28 AM

HTTP_AAE Receiver Adapter encoding the message to target



We are on PO7.4 Single stack and have configured the HTTP_AAE receiver to target which is a third party. They have an integration layer called UCON which receives the IDOC XML over HTTP from our PO and processes it.

I can see no errors in receiver message going out but the partner is saying that when they receive the message it is encoded on the below lines-


I have not used any encoding options on my receiver adapter - but have tried with the message with text/xml and application/xml with UTF-8

Both times partner has complained that the message is encoded.

Can you please advice?

Do i have to use the transformation bean in module configuration and if yes can you please give me the parameters?

I have checked on the forum but am unable to find the reason.

Please help. Our partner is on site today and it will be great if we can resolve this.