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Aug 12, 2015 at 07:29 AM

Unable to Update Trademark(™) symbol to teradata from portal.


I have a WDJ application which is connecting to teradata via JDBC Datasource Alias. I have maintained charset as UTF8. When I try to update ™ to teradata it is not updating properly. Some weird character will be displayed when I copy the data from Teradata SQL Assistant. But Registered ® symbol is updating and displaying properly.

Database URl:

jdbc:teradata://<server name>/database=DEV_EDW_DATA,CHARSET=UTF8,LOB_SUPPORT=OFF,RECONNECT_COUNT=10,LOG=DEBUG.

JDBC Driver is TeradataDriver15

I tried changing the Charset to ASCII, default which did not work.

Teradata is handling the ™ symbol from other sources properly(eg. BODS). But there seems to be some issue in portal to teradata flow.

Thanks in advance for your responses. Let me know if I haven't given much information.