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An issue with the status of 405 (Method Not Allowed) coming from oData NW Gateway service

Feb 01, 2017 at 10:51 PM


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Hi Experts,

I was trying to consume a oData service coming from the service created in an external ECC system into a worklist app created in the web IDE of HANA trial account.

steps that I did

1. added the destionation in the cloud account, tested the connection check works fine

2. created a worklist application from template using the URI of the data service

3. Ran the app and got a 405 Method not allowed error. error.jpgodata-service-while-creating-the-worklist-app-from.jpgdestination-in-cloud.jpg

could you please help me to overcome this error



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2 Answers

VIPLOVE KHUSHALANI Feb 02, 2017 at 07:03 AM

Hi Soumen Laru ,

Actually the error is in your service, can you please test you service on gateway client before using in the app



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Former Member Feb 08, 2017 at 12:32 AM

Hi guys,

I understood the issue, this is not stopping me from getting the desired result. the method HEAD is not defined in the SAP ECC oData service.

everything fine now. I could manage to display my sales order header and items in the UI5 app.

<mvc:View controllerName="opensap.productlist.controller.launchpage" xmlns="sap.m" xmlns:mvc="sap.ui.core.mvc"
xmlns:semantic="sap.m.semantic" xmlns:footerbar="sap.ushell.ui.footerbar">
<semantic:FullscreenPage id="page" navButtonPress="onNavBack" showNavButton="true" title="{i18n>worklistViewTitle}">
<Table id="table" width="auto"
items="{ path: '/SalesOrderCollection', sorter: { path: 'BuyerName', descending: false },parameters: { expand: 'Salesitems' } }"
noDataText="{worklistView>/tableNoDataText}" busyIndicatorDelay="{worklistView>/tableBusyDelay}" growing="true" growingScrollToLoad="true"
<Title id="tableHeader" text="{worklistView>/worklistTableTitle}"/>
<SearchField id="searchField" tooltip="{i18n>worklistSearchTooltip}" search="onSearch" width="auto"></SearchField>
<Column id="nameColumn">
<Text text="{i18n>tableNameColumnTitle}" id="nameColumnTitle"/>
<Column id="supplierNameColumn" demandPopin="true" minScreenWidth="Tablet">
<Text text="{i18n>tableSupplierColumnTitle}"/>
<Column id="webAddressColumn" demandPopin="false" minScreenWidth="Tablet">
<Text text="{i18n>tableSupplierWebAddressColumnTitle}"/>
<Column id="lineitemnumber">
<Text text="Line item Number"/>
<Column id="unitNumberColumn" hAlign="Right">
<Text text="{i18n>tableUnitNumberColumnTitle}" id="unitNumberColumnTitle"/>
<ColumnListItem type="Navigation" press="onPress">
<ObjectIdentifier title="{SoId}" text="{BuyerName}"/>
<Text text="{BuyerName}"/>
<Link text="{ToSupplier/WebAddress}" href="{ToSupplier/WebAddress}" target="_blank"/>
<List id="table1" headerText="Line Item Details" width="auto" items="{ path: 'Salesitems'}">
<ObjectListItem title="{SoItemPos}" type="Active" press="onListItemPress"
number="{ parts:[{path:'GrossAmount'},{path:'CurrencyCode'}], type: 'sap.ui.model.type.Currency', formatOptions: {showMeasure: false} }"
<ObjectNumber number="{ path: 'TaxAmount', formatter: '.formatter.numberUnit' }" unit="{CurrencyCode}"/>
<semantic:SendEmailAction id="shareEmail" press="onShareEmailPress"/>
<semantic:ShareInJamAction id="shareInJam" visible="{FLP>/isShareInJamActive}" press="onShareInJamPress"/>
<footerbar:AddBookmarkButton id="shareTile" title="{worklistView>/saveAsTileTitle}"/>



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