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Aug 11, 2015 at 09:57 PM

Weird refresh issue in Fiori My Inbox app


Hello experts,

We have configured the Fiori My Inbox app in our landscape to integrate a custom workflow. We also made some UI extensions in the SAPUI5 app for hiding the extra buttons in the footer like Release, Claim, Open Task etc.

The app was running fine and tested in the development landscape and then we transported it to the QA system.

When we opened the app in the QA Fiori Launchpad, we were able to see the work item data in the My Inbox app and were also able to approve/reject the work items.

Now what happens on approve/reject is that the work item gets processed and gets removed from the master view list on the left hand side (with count 0). But the detail part still shows the data from the work item with the approve and reject buttons. Ideally on approve/reject this should also have been made blank and the text No items are currently available should have appeared. So essentially what is happening is that the master part is getting refreshed automatically on processing the work items but the detail part refreshes only on manually clicking the refresh icon.

When we manually click the refresh icon then we see that the detail part gets refreshed and shows the message No items are currently available (since there are no work items pending with the user).

Does anyone have an idea why this must be happening? That too in the development system this does not happen.

I hope I have described the issue clearly.