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Aug 11, 2015 at 09:41 PM

Auto submit jobs without any manual intervention


Hello All,

We got an epic requirement to auto submit the jobs without manual intervention or Submit the job first time (either with Submit frame)

e.g. We want to run a job A at 22:00 Monday - Sunday but user want to submit the jobs manually with submit frame. We have been asked to do the configuration so it will always auto submit the jobs. I have no idea about what will the best way to do it.

Could you please advice does can we do it-

1) With calender, time window or submit frame.

2) Triggers

3) With Redwood scripts

What is best way doing it and what is limitation and disadvantage doing it (if any advantages also please let me know, the whole idea behind this that they don't operator to submit any jobs)

Many thanks,