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Aug 11, 2015 at 08:05 PM

Is it possible to delete a Transport of Copy in ChaRM?


Hi ChaRM Experts !

Recently ran into an issue where a lot of end users are creating Transport of Copy by mistake. I am wondering if its possible to delete a Transport of Copy from the Dev client ?



Solution Manager 7.1 SP 11.

80+ End users

ChaRM process out of the box.



1. End users create a transport and perform development.

2. Release the Task and set the NC status to 'To be Tested'

3. A Transport of Copy (TOC) gets created.

4. TOC gets moved to QA.

5. Testing gets completed in QA.

6. Instead of setting the status to 'Successfully Tested' user sets the status to 'In Development'

7. Sets the status to 'To be Tested' again to move fwd in the process. Another TOC is created at this stage.

8. When they try to Set the status to 'Successfully Tested' a message appears saying 'Not all Test Transports have been moved'.

Instead of moving the TOC again, it would be preferable to delete it instead. Currently there is an option to delete the parent transport but there is no delete option to delete the Transport of Copy.

Appreciate your help.


-Anshul Agrawal