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Aug 11, 2015 at 06:35 PM

Pesonas XK01 Quirk - Pressing Enter too many times



I'm experiencing strange behavior in my Personas Flavor for transaction, XK01. When I'm entering data for the material in the Org Levels pop-up and I press Enter in the 'Select Views' pop-up, the system behaves as if I've pressed enter again after the Basic data 1 screen has rendered. In other words, I'm getting the following error thrown, "E: Fill in all required entry fields", despite only having clicked enter once.

This does not happen when I run the transaction via Basic View in Personas nor in SAPGUI. There are no hidden scripts that are being run when I press enter - I've checked the PushOnEnter property. The same error is thrown in the Basic View 1 screen when I click the green check mark instead of pressing enter.

What's even more vexing is that my user is experiencing this issue but my colleague is not! He doesn't receive this error at all through the same flavor.

Please advise.


Select Views.png (66.5 kB)
Basic data 1.png (49.6 kB)