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Former Member
Aug 11, 2015 at 05:29 PM

POST to C4C returns 403 "CSRF token validation failed" despite valid token


First I tested that my POST to C4C would work from a browser rest client, to ensure the backend service is working correctly:

Then I created an OData model in SAPUI5 (in the console), pointing to my C4C OData service, and refresh the security token. I check that the CSRF-Token has been retrieved:

I now attempt to create (POST) the data in the console:

this fails, with error around the CSRF token (example below, should match CSRF token above, but was taken from a different attempt):

Has anyone experienced this before? nomatter how often i refresh the CSRF token it fails..but I think the error text might be wrong, as there is no reason why the token is not working...

Thank you in advance for any help.