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Aug 11, 2015 at 01:01 PM

Push Notification iOS in SMP 3.0 issue


Hi all,

I am trying to implement push notification in iOS through SMP 3.0.

Following are the steps taken:

1. Create .p12 certiifcate using app id configured for Push notifications.

2. Create new application in SMP 3.0 cockpit and config it for backend and upload the above created .p12 file for Push using Sandbox.

3.In application appdelegate write methods didregister, didRecieveRemoteNotification and didFailToRecieveNotification.

4. From rest client, register application on SMP.

5. From rest client, POST method for Push.

Now, i am able to POST push payload from REST client, i get 201 created. I am also able to see notification processing in logs in SMP.

But I do not receive any notification in my device.

Please help.


Tasneem KW.