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Aug 11, 2015 at 12:37 PM

No automatic clearing possible


Hi everyone.

Im running into "No automatic clearing possible" issue when I have payment on account (transaction 0060/0010) item and manualy created item (transaction 0300/002x) and when I try to clear them via FPMA t-code. The clearing works when I manualy do it via t-code FP06.

I have searched over SCN and found various solutions, but none of those works. What I have tried so far and what I have configured is:

* open item management

- clearing variant with clearing steps that include grouping by contract account and due date; I have several steps, and the last one defines partial clearing

- clearing category is defined and assignet to contract account

- clearing type 03 does not have "Incoming Pymts" option checked (although its the same wether its checked or not)

- defaults for account maintenance are defined for clearing types 03 and 04; they both have assigned the clearing variant

* automatic clearing

- grouping characterists are defined (contract account and due date)

- grouping variant consits only of one characteristic - contract account

- specifications for automatic clearing are defined for 03 and 04 and they both point to the only gruping variant thats defined

When I create the mentioned scenario (I have one item with transaction 0060/0010 on the account and I create another item via FPE1 with transaction 0300/002x), I can run FP06, select both items and clear them. When I do the same via FPMA (I limit the selections to contract account; no other custom selections are done), and run it, I get message: "No automatic clearing possible" (message no >3859).

I have checked for all clearing locks and no clearing lock is set to any of those two items.

As an addition, all other clearings work nicely (clearing when payment comes, manual clearing, partial clearing, ...).

Does anyone sees what am I missing here?

Thanks in advance!