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Aug 11, 2015 at 10:26 AM

Aggregation of Key figures with Null value for the attribute


Hi All,

I have an analytical view joined with 10 attribute views using "temporal" join. The performance of this view is an issue and SAP suggested that we try with scripted calculation view or split the anaytical view into three and union them at calculation view level.

The scripted calculation view failes on execution with "Memory unallocation error" because of the huge data loads.

I am now trying the multiple analytical view option.The common attributes(from the data foundation) between the anaytical views are easily mapped
at union level. The issue is with the other attributes specific for that particular analytical view.Let's say,I have an attribute 1 , measure 1 in anaytical view1
and attribute 2 , measure 2 in anaytical view 2. At the Union level,if i choose as "null" for attribute 1 for Analytical view 2 and viceversa for attribute 2
the output comes in multiple rows. One with value for attr.1 and null for the second row and value for attr.2 in third row and null in the fourth row.

I am using the aggregation node on top of Union but still the null values come. Is there a way to filter the same or is there a different approach to fix this?