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Aug 11, 2015 at 08:06 AM

Damn slow


Is it just me or do others experience the same?

SCN seems to be pretty slow most time during the day for about a week now. I often get a kind of hanging, where it looks like SCN cannot be reached at all and the page does not get refreshed.

When I move a discussion to another space then it takes almost a minute to get the pop-up for moving and just once of 3 times I get the spaces listed in that pop-up.

Browsing the followed activities does not auto-reload when the page end is reached, the sign for loading shows up but it does not do anything, I then have to force refreshing the page to get further.

Similar experience with the communication stream, sometimes SCN does not at all react by clicking the discussion headline in the left window to show it in detail at the right. This is also only possible after calling the communication stream again.