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Aug 11, 2015 at 07:50 AM

Employee data time dependendcy with Positon and costcenter (monthly)


Employee data for a given month will be in a given position - say position1 and next month can be in position 2. Similarly he can be transferred from cctr1 to cctr2.

We are using BPC on HANA

Cost has to be calculated for each costcenter based on position of employee.

Employee 1

Mon1 = Pos1 at CCtr1

Mon2 = Pos2 at CCtr2

So here cost has to be calculated based on positions at each cost center level. Master data - if we define time dependency, it may end up in a complex hierarchy and it will approx create 12 hierarchies of employees ina year.

Pls let me know how we can manage this complex dependencies and calculate cost based on the positon assigned in a respective month for a specific costcenter.