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Aug 11, 2015 at 06:25 AM

Creating a custom page for ABAP webdynpro on ESS Portal



We have developed an ABAP webdynpro application, say ZATTENDNACE and would like to place a link to this application under the ESS->Working Time submenu along with "Leave Request" and "Quota Overview". As part of the configuration process, we followed the following process

in the ECC ABAP backend system

In Portal:

1. A folder named ATTND created

2.Iview ATTND_IVIEW created

3. Page ATTND_PAGE created. The PCD for the page is noted say portal_content/attnd/attnd_page


1. Create resource key: ZATTENADANCE with PCD url mentioned above

2. A service key ZATTENDANCE_SERVICE is created with the above resource key

3. This service is assigned to a subarea: EMPLOYEE_WORKTIME_SUBLEAVEREQUEST_2005

However, the link does not appear on the portal side under the ESS->Working Time submenu.

Any suggestions what we are missing?

Portal is NW 7.01

Backend ABAP ERP is ECC 6 EHP4