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Aug 11, 2015 at 04:06 AM

Creating OData for REST service having Complex Datatype


I have followed Let's try connecting REST Services with Integration Gateway in SMP3 and was able to retrieve data from REST Service.

We have a rest service that returns the following xml :

so I have created a following OData model:

Pages is a complex type of pages. pages.item is also complex type of item.

I deploy this service after adding the Javascript code.

But when i run this service on SMP Gateway I get the following Data:

If you see, I only get the Last Data item that exist in the service.


So what can be done to get the complete data set of items?


contentXML.JPG (38.0 kB)
odata.JPG (34.6 kB)
content.JPG (27.8 kB)