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Aug 11, 2015 at 01:07 AM

Possible reason for Open PCN


Dear experts,

we have problems that our WM found stock was stuck in the interim storage tyep 922 when QC release the material.(mvtype 321)

this is a full batch release which means all quant under this batch will be released and change status from Q to U.

we also set the immediate TO creation indicator in our configuration.

However, we success in release one batch and for another batch of the same material, the stock stuck in interim storage type 922.

we checkted ralated PCN and found the PCN status is blank which means its open and no TO is created accordingly.

could you please help to provide possible cause of this issue? why only some of the batch can't create TO?

I have a screenshot attached. its the WM view from MMBE, you could see from the screenshot that batch X0084 is not released sccussefully but another batch X0086 works fine.

another question is could you please suggest which solution is better?

1. we cancle the release and reprocess the release again?

2. we create 2TOs manually and close the PCN by setting the status to "U"

thanks for your help in advance



open PCN.PNG (201.2 kB)