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Aug 11, 2015 at 12:01 AM

Delta Configuration for Inventory Management (0IC_C03)


Hi, all.

I recently set up the inventory management Infocube on production, but i have a question when setting up delta.

I have checked that on RSA7 the two sources have information on queue, and the configuration on LBWE is set to Delta Queue on the update mode the questions that arise from this are the next ones:

1.) Do i have to configure a schedule for the extractor or it is already automatic?

2.) Once i have checked that on RSA7 is reporting that the queue for BF and UM sources are been filled, is just a matter of remove the compression on Infocube and check the configuration of Delta Infopackages and create the corresponding Process Chain?

3.) Is there anyone that knows or have experience setting up a process chain for this matter, and if anyone does could you please tell me steps

Sorry, for the many questions that arise but it is my first experience setting up an infocube from zero.

Any kind of help is welcome and appreciated.