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Aug 10, 2015 at 09:23 PM

Unable to update date range of i5Chart



See the following code. Anyone have an idea why the i5Chart is not updating?


//selDate contains the timestamp of a selected data point

var sDate=document.SMXbar.dateAdd(selDate, "MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm:ss", "", -3600);

var eDate=document.SMXbar.dateAdd(selDate, "MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm:ss", "", 3600)

//This iChart Applet works fine

  1. document.PITagiChart.getQueryObject().setStartDate(sDate);
  2. document.PITagiChart.getQueryObject().setEndDate(eDate);
  3. document.PITagiChart.updateChart(true);

//This i5Chart does not update; no errors are thrown

//The alert() contents return valid data

var qObj=PITagi5Chart.getQueryObject();

alert(qObj.getStartDate() + " to " + qObj.getEndDate());

  1. qObj.setStartDate(sDate);
  2. qObj.setEndDate(eDate);

alert(qObj.getStartDate() + " to " + qObj.getEndDate());


PITagi5Chart.update(true); //Nothing happens here


A couple of additional comments..

V15 SP3 Patch 7. NW 7.4. Java 6 u45. IE11.

The i5Chart’s time control bar contains blanks for the dates and NaN:NaN:NaN for the times. Saw mention of this in earlier threads – supposed to have been fixed in v14?

If I manually set the date & times, I can manipulate the chart range using the control slider and buttons.

Thanks in advance for any direction...