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Aug 10, 2015 at 09:20 PM

DUV goes to Price Change, not Production Orders



A user made a processing error at our last month end. I was able to replicate the situation and determine that the DUV is no longer working the way it used to.

The user created a physical inventory document and flagged it for DUV. There was no consumption of that material during the analysis period, so the user should not have flagged it for DUV.

Previously, when the distribution was created in CKMDUVMAT, the user would receive an error message. This time, however, there was an information message (CKMLDUVN200 -- no material docs found for the inventory material). The user did not see the info message and posted the distribution. Because there was no consumption, the distribution posted directly to the material as a price change document, and posted to the PPV account (there had been procurement).

I cannot find any OSS notes about this, so I suppose something has changed in our system, but I haven't been able to find it. I have looked for configuration that would make CKMLDUVN200 an error message instead of an info message, but I can't find it.

Our regular DUVs work normally (inventory differences are distributed to production orders based on consumption).

We have just implemented a support pack. However, I tested this before the implementation, so I know that the problem occurs in both SAP-APPL 606 and 617.

Any insights would be appreciated.