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Aug 10, 2015 at 04:53 PM

Error between SAP ERP and hybris datahub when processing idoc


Hi Experts,

I am trying to integrate and process idocs holding material data between the ERP SAP system and the hybris Datahub. I have followed the configuration points as described in the documentation 5 material to setup the inbound and outbound messaging and performed an impex export from ERP and imported into hybris.

When I trigger an idoc (via a change in material message), I see the idoc is in red status and has not processed correctly, I receive the following error message when analysing idoc:

" A communication error has occurred when transferring the idoc:

The error code and the error message are: 417/connect to (systemname):9001 failed NIEHOST_UNKNOWN(-2)

The target address was 'http://systemname:9001/datahub-webapp/v1/idoc/receiver' " When I check the file where the hybris system is installed, the target address is the same as what is mentioned in the SAP envioronment.

Therefore, is there any documentation or troubleshoot ideas in order to get this intregration point working and communicate with the system?


Matthew Gardiner