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Former Member
Aug 10, 2015 at 03:17 PM

MRP Issue


Hello Guys,

I have a requirement which is related to MRP . We buy lot of materials from outside the country and the lead time is about 120 days.We can't buy that stuff domestically .Some time the material get delayed by 30-40 days. Business doesn't want to change the PO delivery date in that case as it's going to generate more requirements for these material which will not make sense for us as these new requirements will also take at least 120 days to receive too.

The new arrival date is important for business to track the PO.Is there a way in MRP specific to materials if I change the PO delivery date it should not generate any new requirement ? .Another solution I am thinking to change the MD04 page and ad one more date which will have the new update delivery date ( This date we are maintaining in custom form and pull from there.We are not updating the PO. ) of the date PO which will be information purpose and it will not generate any new requirement .

Please do let me know.