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Aug 10, 2015 at 03:22 PM

IQ 16.0 SP08 - Login (failed/success) and logout audit


Hi all,

I need to track all login attempt, login success and logout events in my SAP IQ 16.0 SP08 engine.

The requirements is to collect these data and send them to an audit monitoring server.

I tried to use the "audit option", but the problem were:

1. Audit infos are written in transaction log files. I cannot access it (using dbtran) until the IQ engine is up. But in our PROD enivronment is not feasible any stop to extract that data. Do you have any suggestions? How can I use dbtran when IQ engine is running?

2. Audit infos are written in a very verbose format. Is it possible to specify a simpler format?

I tried: CALL sa_audit_string('DBA LOGIN AUDIT');

but what I want is something like:

#timestamp; user; action; result

2015-08-10 15:50:00,909; DBA; LOGIN; SUCCESSFULL

Do you have any suggestion about the above issues?

Best regards,