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Aug 10, 2015 at 04:55 PM

Mailto: with Mail body from Web dynpro ABAP


Hi Giants,

Need your help to resolve an query..

I have a requirement to create one field(Email field) in web dynpro ALV as link to action. When user links on email field we need to open outlook to send an email.

I am able to create field as link to action but issue is to open outlook with around 20 lines in mail body.

I am aware that we can do it by using Link to URL UI element but challenge is to generate 20 lines of mail body.

An standard text is been created for mail body with some place holders which we have to fill based on ALV line on which user has clicked.

I searched on SDN for some solutions but was not able to get, if any one has some solution please share.. 😔

Thanks in advance.