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Aug 10, 2015 at 10:02 AM

Regarding the workflow designing for Billing document creation


Hi ,

Due to the new requirement, when we are creating billing document using VF01 for some billing types need to do the custom workflow approval. For this we had created

1. New BOR object (ZVBRK) along with new event (CREATED) by giving delegation to the sap standard object VBRK.

2. Created new custom workflow (WS88000010) to cater to this particular billing types .

3. Maintained the linkage between new object's event and to this custom workflow template.

4. When creating new billing document, if the billing type is required then I am triggering the CREATED event so that Workflow WS88000010 is triggering.

Now as per requirements it is working fine. But I have some queries i.e. If in future for some other new billing types if they want to setup with new workflow, how can I achieve this ? Is it good approach to create new events in the same business object for new billing type and new workflow template. So that we can do even type linkages for the new event and new workflow ?

Thanks & Regards,