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Aug 10, 2015 at 09:01 AM



Hi all ,

As am new to PI their is a mapping error while am building the logic .

The error is when the field is been picked up 2 times in the mapping with the same logic ,it is throwing error for this !!

As for the field MASSG and the field ACT_TEXT their is same logic from the ECC side

For the MASSG the mapping logic is ( sort is used for to pick the value from descending order)

and for the ACT_TEXT the logic is

Now the error from this is !!!

the file format of wrong !!! as the value of ACT_TEXT is been placing down to Massg field . And also when it is blank also the field is not displaying in the output segment for the massg field as off i have used map with default also .

Please help me out in these !!!!

thanks in advance

Best regards,



Issue.PNG (34.1 kB)
Issue2.PNG (36.3 kB)