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Aug 10, 2015 at 08:22 AM

FTP Processing Sequence


Hi Experts,

AFAIK, for FTP Sender adapter picks up files in ascending alphabetical order.

Let's say that I have the following file name "file_<sequence_number>", for example:




Can we guarantee that file file_111 will be processed first before file_112?

I think even if it is guaranteed that file_111 will be processed first before file_112, we need to use the EOIO QoS because if we use the EO QoS there's a possibility that we encounter a locking error if file_111 & file_112 and we end up having file_112 & file_113 in error. In case of error and the error messages is transferred to FEH, then we need to also make sure that FEH could process the message in ascending based on the message creation time.

My requirement is that there will be a few days system down time, and during that day the legacy sender system will keep sending the file and when the system is up again, I need to process the file in the correct sequence.

Thank you,

Suwandi C.