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Aug 08, 2015 at 11:56 AM

SAP online job applications


Alright so Im a 4th year student from BMS College of Engineering. Il be graduating in 2016 and Im already placed in a certain company.

However SAP has been the aim for about two years now, but as per my college rules , I cant sit for the campus placements anymore because I have an offer in hand, nor am I allowed to refuse to take that offer (yep! *joy*).

So anyway , I was looking forward for the SAP hiring and now I have to apply off campus . Im doing that through SAP's website and their various application procedures and so on. I had done the same thing a year ago when I was looking for internships. Although at the time I wasnt keeping a hawk eye on the status of my application and all that, so I have this notion that the response to each application and by response I do not mean "whether they select you or not" but I mean just the response telling you whether or through to the next round or not is fairly slow. This is my presumption of it though.

I'd like to know from someone who would know better how long I should anticipate before moving onto my next application and if there is any other way to apply because I do not want to leave any stone unturned.