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Is there any table in 7.1 where we can check who have added/deleted the roles/profiles for an user

Hello Experts,

Is there any table/view through which we can find when the roles/ profiles have been added or deleted to/from the user in 7.1 version. In 7.2 we have idmv_ovalu_basic_all view.

there is a table mxi_old_values in 7.1 but it is not giving complete data.

Can you kindly help me



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1 Answer

  • Posted on Aug 08, 2015 at 09:52 AM


    I used and still use the view mxiv_oentries (still the same in 7.2, but with searchvalue now). It contains these columns:

    • modifytime/expirytime: when the values was removed
    • createtime: when the values was originally added
    • changedby: When someone did it in the UI you can see an MSKEY here, if a job set the priv/role this is it is a negative number
    • UserId: JobId's and / or MSKEY's. The first of the two is the one who deleted it. If there is only one the priv/role was probably set using uIS_SetValue without setting the optional parameter UserId

    IIRC the reason isn't saved. Any validfrom and validto which were set can only be determined using the modifytime/createtime columns.

    If the priv/role was added/removed several times there is more than one entry for the priv/role.


    Dominik Trui

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