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Aug 07, 2015 at 07:31 PM

FI Posting in a new Ledger


Hi people,

Please, could you help me?

Today we have "3 Ledgers", where only one is set as a "Leading Ledger" (only one can be set). For exemple: Ledger A (Leading Ledger), B and C.

And we have "6 Ledgers Group", where we have, for example:

Ledger Group A- Ledger Assignment: A

Ledger Group B- Ledger Assignment: B

Ledger Group C- Ledger Assignment: C

Ledger Group D- Ledger Assignment: A, B

Ledger Group E- Ledger Assignment: A, C

Ledger Group F- Ledger Assignment: B, C

The people show the necessity that they have to have posting in the Ledger C. This one is not used yet.

Besides that, they need that this ledger must be a copy from Ledger B, except the "depreciation accounts". This one, they want to receive posting from a Specific Depreciation Area.

Please, could you answer these questions?

1) I thought that we could use the Ledger Group F becuase the configuration (Ledger B with Rep Ledger set and the Ledger C), but in my test, when I made a posting in the Group F, the system doesn´t show any register in the Ledger C, only in the Ledger B (by transaction FAGLL03) and I try to see this posting in transation F.01, the system shows us the mesenger error: "Data cannot be posted to the combination Ledger C company Code X".

Please, what is the procedure we can have to do, to have posting in Ledger C?

2) How we can make to take the "Depreciation posting" from a sprecific Depreciation Area?

3) How we can make about previous year (historic)?

Thanks a lot,