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Aug 07, 2015 at 03:51 PM

CO01 - where does the reservation get created?


I've searched forums for this specific question and not had much luck so far.

My requirement is to send the updated ATP information for the Production Order components after a Production order is created, released or deleted.

I already have a working function that returns the ATP values for each component, but all the exits and BAdIs that I've tried are too early in the CO01 process (i.e. they are triggered before the reservation gets created).

I need to call my function somewhere in the CO01 processing logic *after* the reservation gets created, so I have the updated ATP values to send.

So far, I've tried most of the exits

Specifically, PPCO0001, PPCO0007, PPCO0008, PPCO0023.

I've tried most of the methods of BAdI WORKORDER_UPDATE


I even tried calling my function in update task to put it last in the update stack (hopefully after the commit of the reservation, but it doesn't seem to work that way either).

Is there a place in the CO01 logic that I can enhance to call my function *after* the reservation gets created (or modifies the ATP values)?


Jeremy H.