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Aug 07, 2015 at 02:43 PM

Cannot open planning book monthly data view in Quality .


Hi Experts,

I have added two characteristics in development and transported it Quality environment. I have transported affected objects - Infocube , Transformation, Data source , POS , Planning Book. I have created required Macro, Jobs and Activities in Quality directly.

All Transport objects are transported and imported successfully. I have 6 plannings books which are affected and hence transported from development.

I am facing issue in opening Months Data view for two planning books. When I try to open it I get Internal error: /SAPAPO/ADVC_MB_SINGLE_GET

I can open Weeks data view successfully. Months data view for remaining 4 planning books also working fine. Any idea why this error is ?

I found some inconsistencies which I feel can be possible reasons :

1] When I check Planning book consistency through MSDP_ADMIN, above two planning book with Months data view issue gives warning message as --

The macro book with internal key ........... does not exist.

I check all macros in planning book data view in quality, They are all fine.

2] When I go to Planning book design and try to open Key Figure tab I get same error - /SAPAPO/ADVC_MB_SINGLE_GET for Months Data View.

I can see key figures for Weeks data view.

Any idea what is it? Any sort of quick help will be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.