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Feb 02, 2006 at 01:23 AM

No data retrieved from a field in a SAP Structure


A C# pgm using SAP Proxy (SNC 2.0) invokes a Remote function in SAP to retrieve data from a SAP Structure defined as parameter in such a function. It works well.

Today, using trn SE11, I included a new field in the middle of the SAP structure, I re-generated the SAP Proxy to include the new field and I invoked the function. It retrieved all original info except the info of the new field I included. This field shows but is empty, however it should contain data. When I use trn SE37 and run the function in SAP, it shows me information in this field.

I made a new program, generated a new SAP Proxy, invoked the function again but, with the same results.

I exhausted all my possibilities to find the cause of this problem.

I would like to receive some guidelines about this matter.

Hope I made a good explanation of the problem.

Very best regards.