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Aug 06, 2015 at 06:43 PM

Inbound Quota- Means of Transport - CTM


Hello Guru's,

1) Currently we have Plant 'X' and DC 'Y' and we have a Tlane between the two with 'Truck' with 20 day transportation time and 'Air' 8 day transportation time means of transports. The validity is from 06/05/2012 to 06/05/9999 for both the means of transport . The product is 'P'

2) We have a inbound quota for Y with partner location as X and have created 2 inbound header for P the first one P1 valid from 08/05/2015 to 10/05/2015 and the second one P2 from 10/05/2015 to 06/05/2016

NOW we have a forecast on Y for 08/22/2015 and stock on X

  • CTM is generating Purreq on Y for 10/05/2015 using transportation duration of 8 days.

My expectation was CTM would generate a Preqrel at X for 08/05/2015 and Purreq at Y for 08/25/2015 which it is not doing. Why is it generating the purreq so late.

Please find below the screenshots


Inbound Quota

Current Situation :

After running CTM:

CTM Explanation:

Expected Result : If the STR was generated starting 08/06/2015 it could have been at destination by 08/26/2015 which would be 20 days and would have earlier than the current STR arrival .


Tlane.jpg (37.2 kB)
Inbound Quota.jpg (86.4 kB)
rrp3.jpg (73.2 kB)
rrp3-1.jpg (68.6 kB)
rrp3-2.jpg (84.3 kB)
rrp4.jpg (58.8 kB)
5.jpg (81.4 kB)
6.jpg (87.9 kB)