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Aug 06, 2015 at 07:42 PM

FIM BPC : SYS-050604 Cannot write pipe


Hi everyone,

I have a problem on my FIM 10.0 job which should read data from SAP BPC 10.0 MS and write it on SAP BFC, I have the error below

in French : "Impossible d'écrire le canal en raison de l'erreur <Le canal de communication a été fermé. >."

In English : "SYS-050604: ... Cannot write pipe, due to error <The pipe has been ended. >."

I'am using 2 Data stores :

DSBPC : Webservice tested OK

DSBFC : Webservice tested OK

I'am using theses datastores to do the first interface : BFC_TO_BPC and it is working Fine.

The other way BPC_TO_BFC in not working and i have the error SYS-050604 Cannot write pipe, due to error <The pipe has been ended. >

When i check the DS Job steps, i can see that nothing is coming from BPC.

I have made theses tests to help me to find the issue :

1st Test : CSV to BFC : Working Fine

2nd Test : BPC-envirement1 To BPC-Envirement2 : Not working

3rd Test : BPC-envirement1 To BPC-Envirement1 : Not working

Please Share your experience and let me know if there is any way to solve this issue.

Thanks in advance !


Err (689 B)