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Aug 06, 2015 at 05:34 PM

Two Gl accounts for single tax code. One for debit posting another for Credit posting.



My client is US client supported by Vertex as external tax system. The requirement is to post tax credits to a Gl account-1 and tax debits to GL account-2 with use of single tax code. In OB40 we do not have account determination for debit and credits separately.

Credit memo issue happens with a different pricing procedure from that of Invoicing pricing procedure. So I tried creating new account keys and assigning them to condition types XR1....XR6. Still it is not working.

Cancellation of invoice triggers to same GL account to which invoice tax posting happens.

Tax debits can happen when there is a cancellation of invoice or credit memo issue for return of goods.

Is it possible to have different GL accounts separately for Tax credit and Tax debits? if so, how?