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Aug 06, 2015 at 05:02 PM

Design Studio 1.4: Search by InfoObject Attribute


Does anyone know if the functionality exists yet to Search (or even Display) Attributes in the Filter or Variable Selection screens within Design Studio 1.4?

I've confirmed that this functionality exists int he most recent version of the BEx Analyzer.

I've also checked Analysis for Office and Analysis for OLAP and both allow Attributes to be displayed in the Search screen, but you cannot search based on the attribute.

This was previously asked in the post below (for DS Release 1.2), where there is also a link to Ingo's Document containing "Supported BEx Query Elements". I checked the most recent version of that Document but the closest thing I found was (under Variables for BEx Query):

List of Values: Search in Key Values

List of Values: Search in Description Values.

The question appeared already in the following POST:

Ingo's Document can be seen here: