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Aug 06, 2015 at 04:03 PM

Availability Check



I have a question related to Availability check.

I have a Finished Good A and the BOM component B (which is also a FERT). Now Below is the scenario:

1) BOM structure is 1:1 i.e to produce 1 pc of A i need 1 pc of B.

2) Now I have a Production order of 10Pcs for Mat 'A' which should create a reservation for 10pcs of Mat 'B'.

3) Available Stock for Mat 'B' is 10 pcs.

4) Now at the same time I have a sales order for 'B' for 10pcs. But the Sales order should not confirm as the 10pcs for 'B' are already reserved against the Production order for 'A'.

5) But system able to confirm the sales order and system is showing that 10pcs for 'B' is showing available for the SO.

Now my requirement is, if a Production order is already created (or released) like the one we have in the above scenario for Mat A. system should reserve the material 'B' against that production order and it should not allow the sales order to confirm .

The priority should be... PO first and then the SO.

Your help will be highly appreciated.


Ashish !!