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Aug 06, 2015 at 02:49 PM

Customer Sales Area Delta replication to CRM


HI Gurus,

below a question/issue that we are facing in the system.

A new Sales Area data is required now in the CRM system, so we've done the configuration to allow this new sales area to be replicated to CRM. An initial load of customers will correctly work so the customers are correctly replicated to CRM with the proper sales area.

Note that the indicated sales area is existing quite a long time ago in ECC but we never had the need to use it in CRM

The problem is that some customers already exist in CRM but without the new Sales area data and what we need to achieve is syncronizing this new sales area data.

Doing a change in XD02 to any of those customers in ECC and the new sales area data, will replicate it to CRM. But this would require modifying quite many customers.

If I try to run a request for any of those customers the BDOC will fail indicating that the BP with the same GUID already exists in CRM.

Basically, same story if I try using CRMM_BUPA_MAP

Are you aware of any thing that can be done to have the information aligned between CRM and ECC?

Thanks in advance.