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Aug 06, 2015 at 03:15 PM

GRC Monitoring Alert for mitigating control not working



We are facing difficulties when trying to configure Monitoring Alert for a mitigating control. We have completed the following Steps:

  1. For the Mitigating Control, we defined both Monitor & Mitigation Approver. Also configured a report "X" to be executed as part of the control under "Reports" tab.

When veryfing the job for the alert generation, it seems it worked, but user defined as "Approver" does not get any notification. This approver was defined in "Owners".

2. Scheduled GRAC_ACT_USAGE_SYNC to run in a daily basis.

3. Scheduled program GRAC_ALERT_GENERATION to run in a daily basis with variant including the Control

Our understanding is that Approver should receive a notification if Monitor does not execute the report "X".

Job log:

Thanks in advance.


grc.PNG (10.5 kB)
grc2.PNG (5.2 kB)
grc.PNG (68.4 kB)