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Aug 06, 2015 at 11:47 AM

SAPUI5: Fetching the details for array of UUID


Hello Experts,

I am very new to SAPUI5 development and am trying to build an app which will fetch me the data using ODATA services. What I am trying to do is to get the Objects using one custom ODATA service which will get me only the UUID for these objects and I will have to fetch the complete details for these objects using Standard ODATA services.

Now the issue is the first service will get me all the UUID and I need to get the corresponding details and put it into the Control (Say a Table). To make it more sensible, how will I send the data with more than 10 UUID and get their corresponding details using other ODATA services?

I will really appreciate if I get some piece of code or an example illustrating same.

Thanks in Advance.