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Aug 06, 2015 at 09:07 AM

SMP - iOs - OnlineStore vs executeRequest


Hi All,

I have difficulties with oData request with iOs native framework SMP3 SP08 PL06.

I try to call a webservice in two ways : one using OnlineStore, other using [conversationManager executeRequest...].

When I use [conversationManager executeRequest...], it's working fine and I get my response in a String.

But when I use OnlineStore as described below, I always get the same answer:

Error Domain=ContractViolationDomain Code=9 "Wrong responseType." UserInfo=0x7f8f5a47b470 {NSLocalizedDescription=Wrong responseType.}

Anyone know why ?

My OnlineStore is open like this :

I use a SAML Authentication.

All log of this response is attach.

Best Regards,