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Aug 06, 2015 at 07:36 AM

Deconsolidation Work Center- Issue in creating HU warehouse tasks


Hi Friends,

While executing the POSC process ( Unloading> Deconsolidation> Final PutAway) for Put Away process.

I am experiencing issue during deconsolidation, where 2 warehouse products:


EWM-061@BSG I were packed into HU#6000000026.

I need to move the product EWM-061@BSG I to Another HU.

Hence I created a new HU#6000000027 in the same Bin #XE_BIN001 in Deconsolidation WC#XE01.

I dragged and dropped the above product into the new HU#6000000027 and system created WT#3308 and confirmed automatically using 3040 repack WPT.

But when I check the Warehouse Monitor ,for 1 product it created the HU WT and for other it created the Product WT. I am wondering why system is creating such ?

Please suggest if I am doing anything wrong during Deconsolidation process.

POSC setting:

Unloading- DE01 > SA01 ( staging area)

Deconsolidation - SA01> XE01 ( decon Wc)

Final Putaway - XE01 >0010 or 0050 ( final Put away)

Below are the screenshots:

Decon Work center: XE01

Warehouse monitor:





Decon1.JPG (107.9 kB)
dec2.JPG (159.9 kB)
posc.JPG (51.2 kB)