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Aug 06, 2015 at 03:51 AM

Revenue posting and invoice due date


Dear colleagues,

My company is selling services and the sales process is set up with sales order and after that invoice. So billing is order related. Date when service is provided and date of invoice issuing are usually two different dates. Usually service is done and after several days invoice is issued.

Requirement is that revenue and tax postings need to be recorded on date when service is provided (service rendered date), but due date is calculated based on terms of payment from invoice issuing date.

As I know in SD billing for posting date and for due date calculation is used billing date. Exception is usage of Fixed value date (VALDT) in calculation of due date. But VALDT needs to be entered in time of SO creation which is for us too early and it is not possible to enter/change VALDT in billing document.

Also Service rendered date (FBUDA) does not have any influence on posting or due date calculation.

Is it anyhow possible to divide this two dates, so to get posting on date when service is provided and due date calculation based on invoice issuing date?

Thank you,


In addition, I want to avoid usage of revenue recognition functionality (cannot use revenue recognition).