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Aug 05, 2015 at 07:51 PM

Customer Exit Variable for Text


Hello Guys,

I have a requirement where user wants to have a Interval Selection on Fiscal Period. The user would enter a range and data should be displayed in different columns for that range of period. So for eaxmple If user selects 001/2015 - 003/2015, It should show three columns for each key figures. FOr this I used a standard Fiscal Period Variable and added that to Columns on top of Key figures see screen shot below:-

But it gave me results like below. User requirement is he wants to see all keyfigure of one period together.

How can I do that?

Any Idea how can I achieve that?

Thank you




SDN 1.PNG (21.4 kB)
SDN 2.PNG (11.1 kB)