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Aug 05, 2015 at 06:15 PM

Address cleansing and data cleansing


Hi All,

I am working as a part of BODS data quality project. We are now in the initial phase of system set up and procurement of licensees for BODS/DQ . I need a few clarifications on procurement of BODS/DQ liscenecs?

1.Can we purchase single liscence for BODS and BODQ?

we have "BA & T SAP Data Services " liscenece right now ? Does it mean that we have liscence for BODQ as well?

2. Do we have to purchase a seperate liscence for address directories always ?

3. Right now i have blueprints available in my local machine . I am able to test some of the data for UK with UK address cleanse transform and the job is running successfully. Does it mean i have address directories installed in my local machine?

4. When I checked the trace files after running GAC transform, i cant find any reference data for any of the countries available.

5.please confirm from the below screenshot whether address directories are installed in my local machine or not.

6. What is the difference between blueprints directories and actual directories?

7. Do we need to buy seperate person_firm package also for data cleansing ? or the one comes along with the installation of 4.2 will serve entire purpose for data cleansing ?

Your help is very much appreaciated.

Thanks in advance


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