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Aug 05, 2015 at 06:16 PM

FERT BOMs that contain FERT components


Hello SAP heros! We currently have an issue with reporting production (REM with separated back flush). When the document log is created we cannot post the separated back flush due to errors associated with some of the FERT parts within the main FERT. The error message received talks about needing to enter a serial number (Error text - Only 0 serial numbers entered instead of xx) Message no IO304. The solution for the error message is to first enter the serial numbers, however because the separated back flush occurs automatically in the back ground, we cannot provide serial numbers. We have a work around in place where we disable the serial number profile, process the document log entry (via t-code MF70), and then we enable the serial number profile again. This work around helps but should not be a long term solution.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to proceed?