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Aug 05, 2015 at 05:00 PM

sp_sysmon diff between cache search miss and cache miss


Hi all,

I have a question about sp_sysmon output, more precisely the figures between 'task context switch due to cache search miss' and 'cache miss' in data cache management.

Let's take an example of sp_sysmon.

The task context switch due to cache search miss shows the number below

Cache Search Misses 22.6 43.3 13582 9.7 %

This number looks high and my data cache might not be well configured but if I look at the Data Cache Management section , I have

Cache Statistics Summary (All Caches)


per sec per xact count % of total

------------ ------------ ---------- ----------

Cache Search Summary

Total Cache Hits 15436.0 29495.5 9261597 99.9 %

Total Cache Misses 22.6 43.3 13586 0.1 %

Now the total cache misses looks fairly low and my data cache seems OK for me.

Could you explain me the difference between the 9.7% on one hand and the 0.1% on the other hand?